We really can’t trust our current news and information media…

Dr. Chomsky’s talk in the first portion of the interview focused largely on how the people, or at least the electorate, are manipulated by the messaging of the various political parties and in turn the media. It is through this manipulation that many people end up supporting positions that are outside of their own self interests such as subsidies for the wealthy and various large industries. The complicity of the media is highlighted in the fact that he himself is not welcome on many, even liberal, news channels. These channels stick fairly close to their respective party lines and are distracted from their political interests by their philosophical or social beliefs. This has only been amplified since then and the conservative populism that he feared has taken hold. The question of who benefits is one of the most important to ask in a democracy but when the messaging from even the media has been so obscured the majority of the population won’t find the answer without digging themselves. As for foreign policy, we have been continuously fed a “Us vs. Them” message regarding global politics since the cold war that largely ignores the majority of the world. Even in a post cold war world the only viewpoints that are considered on a global scale are those that the United States agrees to. A middle way in many cases, and as Dr. Chomsky proposes in the section on the Ukraine, is largely ignored. Of course, all countries are motivated by the welfare of the people over that of the planet, if the countries are truly democratic they are the people, but why should the interests of the people and the planet be exclusive from one another?


Noam Chomsky: Democracy is a Threat to Any Power System interview at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2dw7OZD-mg .


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